New Blood Glucose Tests

Features to Look for in Blood Glucose Monitors


Diabetic patients are looking for a monitor that is multipurpose in addition to multi-tasking to ease the burden of having to always check and record their levels of blood sugar.  Today, these patients prefer to have a simple, portable, and easy to handle meter.


A Device that Doesn't Hurt


Among the primary concerns of everyone, who uses blood glucose monitor, is that it hurts every time blood is extracted. Thankfully, this is one feature that is constantly being improved. Manufacturers of such devices are coming up with monitors that entail less blood as well as less painful to handle. Also, you will be able to draw blood from different sections to prevent scarring of the skin on only one area.


Lancets that is Skin-Friendly


The lancets in the latest monitors are usually tailored for different areas of the skin such as the finger, palm, or forearm. Rather than moving the needle, these modern lancets are less painful because it penetrates the skin with very little motion. It is the movement of the needle that mostly hurts as moving it from side to side can be tiresome for the patient withdrawing blood. Manufacturers are modernizing the lancets to help make the process much less uncomfortable for patients.  Check out for more info about diabetic test strips.


Find out if the monitor comes with blood sugar test strips that are already loaded, so you can just load and go home straight away with your new device. Check if the display meter is readable enough even under insufficient lighting. You probably have to carry out your glucose reading any time at night or during the day. The screen must be adequately visible for speedy glucose monitoring, large, and glows in the dark as well.


Diabetics often suffer from eye problems, or what is called diabetic neuropathy. The meter you should choose must have enough memory space for storing all of the results. This way, you will be able to upload the results to a computer and monitor any trends. You will get to discover if your levels are falling and will be able act accordingly in order to remedy the situation.


Consult with your physician to ensure that you are getting the right monitor for your needs. At the same time, check if your insurance provider covers the blood glucose meters you wish to get. Carefully monitoring your diabetes in addition to your blood sugar levels will allow you to experience a joyful life for many years to come.